Hosted by the International Exhibition of Best Inventions in the First Decade of XXI Century, Shiraz, Iran, Azad University

22 - 24 April 2014

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What is a Computer Implemented Invention (CII)?

The CII is the newest invention class. The peculiarity of this class is that a special computer program is an essential part of the invention. In this case the computer program is protected by patent, together with all the elements of the invention. The Computer Implemented Invention will be a form of creation characteristic of the XXI Century, as in for example the hybrid driven car, the modern washing machine, the air conditioner, or other computer controlled tools, etc.  > > > more

EPO brochure about CIIs and their patents (pdf format): English   Germany   France

EU story of CII protection > > > here    Wikipedia about CII protection > > > here

What is the World Cup of CIIs?


The World Cup of CIIs is an project of International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) for the popularization of the computer technology in the field of creations.

This World Cup is a world wide competition, exhibition, and business event for new Computer Implemented Inventions (CIIs).

The working language is English.

Information about the First and Second World Cup of CIIs

The First World Cup of CIIs  consisted tree parts and it was connected with international innovation events  in 2007and 2008.


1.      Asia, Africa and Australia Semifinal – connected with INST Invention Show and Technomart Taipei, September 27-30, 2007

2.      Europe and America Semifinal – connected with IENA Nuremberg, November 1-4, 2007

3.   Final - connected with the Inventor Festival on 40th IFIA Jubilee, Suzhou 16-20 October 2008 more


The Second World Cup of CIIs had been organized in Taiwan hosted by I-Shou University (2011) see more,

Third event hosted by the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva > > > see more




 4th International Festival of Inventors, Initiators, Innovators -  Shiraz, Iran, Azad University > > > web


22-24 April 2014


Azad University, Shiraz, Iran


  1. Participants of the World Cup of CIIs are inventors (or their representatives) who have invented a new Computer Implemented Invention. A patent application which was registered in the last five years period (since year 2008) is a requirement.

  2. Participants' inventions must be registered items on the International Exhibition of Best Inventions in the First Decade of XXI Century, Shiraz, Iran, Azad University.

  3. Participants are expected to hand down application form to the IFIA booth on the exhibition hall of  Azad University - deadline 22 April 16:00 h. The application forms will be received on the IFIA booth.

  4. The CII organizer will register the participants on the based of applications and the registered items will be marked by CII logo near their posters on 22 April.

Evaluation, jury and awards

  1. The registered participants will evaluate by the IFIA CII Jury Panel which consists of 5 international specialists of Computer Implemented Inventions.

  2. The evaluation of Computer Implemented Inventions will be evaluated (on 23 April) according to their inventiveness (where the main criteria is the quality of the computer program) with a weight of 35 %, possible future benefits with a weight of 35 %, and the quality of the actual presentation with a weight of 30 %. If an registered item has no a special computer program as essential part of the invention that will be delete.

  3. The IFIA CII Jury Panel will score the inventions, and these scores will be the basis of awarding.

  4. The World Cup will be the highest recognition for the best competitor. The other qualified inventors will receive other prizes. The hand over of awards will be held together the award ceremony of event.

Leadership of the Third World Cup of CIIs

The main organizer and the chairmen of the IFIA CII Jury Panel is András Vedres



Here is the list of accepted CII competitors of the 4th International Festival of Inventors, Initiators, Innovators by the Jury Panel with the obtained prizes:


Country Inventor Invention Prize
China Zhang Qin dr. Dynamic Uncertanity Causality Graph Platform World Cup
Hungary Kocsis Andras,  Szeiler László, Papp József RFID Control Device for Railroad Transport CII Oscar
Egypt Mahmoud A. Hafez Patent Specific Instruments for Knee Arthroplasty Laurel
Iran Arman Mehrbakhsh A Human face recognition hardware Laurel
China Lin Hongyou et al Intelligent Remote ECG Sphyng memano meter Glory Medal
Croatia Igor Ignac and Boro Muric Telemetric Hydrant Glory Medal
Iran Mehdi Pourahmadi Smart debugger system in ATMs Glory Medal
Iran Hadi Shamshirband Smart Medical Imaging Card Glory Medal
Iran Arash Ahmadnia Two-dimensional Warning signs air-alarm  Glory Medal
Iran Hadi Mahmoudvand Smart system to recognize magnetic fields and obstacles in helicopters' flight path Genius Medal
China Fu Jinging and Fu Hanlong A smart monitoring pre-alarm system for fire protection with wired communication  
China Chen Duan Dian and Li Peikum Production Technology of the Ni-MH High Power Battery  
Hungary Kocsis Andras at al Biosphere Protection  
Hungary Kocsis Andras at al Intelligent Vending Machine  
Germany Sturm, Winfrid Breath Guard  
Slovenia Izidor Nafner Maees on the Earth Projected on Polyhedrons' Nets  
Slovenia Ales Zamuda Differential Devolution Parameterized Procedural Woody Plant Models  
Lebanon Zeinab Ahmed Ehamseddine A smart circuit breaker  
Bosnia-Herzegovina Zlatan Karabegovic Multipurpose Self-Service Machine  
Iran Morteza Masatn Navaz  Emergency destruction panel  for digital information  
Iran Maryam Asghar heidari, Masoud Mobini, Saeed Moslemi, Maryam Asghar heidari Portable Shaker Incubator, with changeable temperature  
Iran Behname Pirzadeh Management, monitoring and vehicle tracking system (smart police)  
Iran Salar Mohammadi Online, and digital vehicle weight monitors system  
Iran Saeid Zarei Mechanized system automotive speed limit register for vehicles  
Iran Abdollah Kourvandi, Ali Zalipour Programmable Light Projection System  
Iran Ali Zalipour Programmable Digital Lighting Musical System  
Iran Abazar Khajvand salehi Wall printer system in every horizontal and vertical levels intelligently  
Iran Payam Ahmadvand Traffic management with cell phone Bluetooth and PIR sensor  
Iran Mohammad Ali Kieh Badroudi Nezhad  Intelligent Machine Vision and Image Processing  
Iran Abbas Rahmani Smart portable Cryotherapy System involving Controlled Thermoelectric Cooling Modules  


The IFIA World Cup winner: Zhang Qin dr.: Dynamic Uncertanity Causality Graph Platform


IFIA CII Oscar to: Kocsis Andras,  Szeiler László, Papp József: RFID Control Device for Railroad Transport



IFIA Laurel winners:  Mahmoud A. Hafez: Patent Specific Instruments for Knee Arthroplasty     and     Arman Mehrbakhsh: A Human face recognition hardware

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