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Organized by: TIPPA and NUU

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Show: Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart 2007
Show Date: 2007/09/27 ~ 2007/09/30
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition Hall (Area B, C, D) (5 Hsin-yi Road, Sec. 5, Taipei, Taiwan 11011, R.O.C.)


The conditions of IFIA members' presentation:

  • Thanks to the support of Taiwan Government IFIA members received  free booths to show their inventions.

  • The head of IFIA member' s delegation received free accommodation (September 27-30 2007, Taipei) and fly ticket compensation.

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 Qualified CIIs for the Final in 2008: 

  1. Andy Liu, Hiro Hsiung, Judy Wu, Nina Wang, Rico Zeng (Taiwan): OPTI-Solar
  2. Bao Jia Huang, Yi Hwan Shyr, Po Shun Chen, Meng You Tsia, Jia Lun Deng, Tian You Huang, Shu Chi Wu, Rong Xuan Wang (Taiwan): Business 2 E-Sytems
  3. Bela Boros (Australia): Computer Program for contolling damage detecting and repairing robots
  4. Chia-Hang Lee, Wen-Chuan Cheng (Taiwan): Hyper Chameleon Liquid-crystal Display
  5. Elmer P. Dadios (Philippines): DANSPORTY Dancing and Sporty Robots System
  6. Esuong Michael Nyong (Nigeria): Curtain
  7. Hamid Rezaeian, Alireza Rastegar Abbasalizadeh (Iran): Talking Fingers (or Talking Glove)
  8. Kariyawasam Don Nandasiri Weerasinghe prof., Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka senvirathna (Sri Lanka): Automatic rainfall recording system
  9. Khaled Mahdi Alrasheed (Saudi Arabia): Sleeping Driver Alert System
  10. Molavi Vardanjani (Iran): A Kind of advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology
  11. Pentida Tipyotha dr., Siriwan Suebnukarn dr. (Thailand): COMET An Intelligent Tutoring System for Medical Problem-Based Learning
  12. Roel John C. Judilla, Virgilio L. Malang dr. (Philippines): SMART Bomb Disposal Robot
  13. Saeed Safeghpour Vajdi, Mr. Ramin Farjad, Mr. Arman Bahri (Iran): E-Accessibility for Iranian Vidually impaired

 IFIA Gold Medal for the best CII on Semifinal

Roel John C. Judilla, Virgilio L. Malang dr. (Philippines): SMART Bomb Disposal Robot

Chia-Hang Lee, Wen-Chuan Cheng (Taiwan): Hyper Chameleon Liquid-crystal Display

 Participation Diploma  

  1. Bela Boros, Mr. Zoltan Kut (Australia-Hungary): Computerises Regulation of Industrial Processes
  2. Bright John David (Nigeria): IDP
  3. Bright John David (Nigeria): Tribesdata
  4. Hassane Idrissa Souley (Niger): The speaking pictures
  5. Hung-Hua Chen, Chia-Hsien Chien (Taiwan): Farn - Traditional Chinese
  6. Kan Chee Yuen (Malaysia): Software System for Detecting Defective Symbol on Microchip with Adjustable Readability Level
  7. Noel S. Guany (Philippines): TELCO
  8. Noel S. Guany (Philippines): TELCO, Auto-transfer Monitoring and Accounting Management System
  9. Risa Miyazaki (Japan): Donation System
  10. Supat Faarungsang (Thailand): SSS/OLPC, Self-Sufficient and Sustainable System (SSS) prototype to solve computer problems including One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)
  11. Tang Chen-Fu (Taiwan): Linux inserts the type servosystem
  12. Zhou li lun (Taiwan): Rhino 3D jewel & furniture model

Participants and organizers

Regular invention presentation organized by IFIA:
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 booth
Croatia 1 booth
Germany 1 booth
Hungary 4 booths
Poland 1 booth
Romania 1 booth
Roussia 1 booth

Show 2006:  Report

Jury members

  1. Germany                     Katrin BRESCHKE
  2. Hungary                      Daniel VEDRES
  3. Poland                        Adam RYLSKI
  4. President of Jury         Tivadar LIPPENYI dr.
  5. Romania                     Octavian PLESA dr.
  6. USA                           Deb HESS

The CII jury


Tivadar Lippényi, the President of Jury


His Excellency Chen Shui-bian the President of Taiwan received A. Vedres IFIA president and delegation of organizers (TIPPA and National United University), on 23 May. Mr. Chen Shui-bian declared: "Taiwan Government sponsors the organization of CII Semifinal in Taipei."

HE Chen Shui-bian President of Taiwan and András Vedres

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