40th IFIA Jubilee Celebration


16-20 October, 2008 - Suzhou, China

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November 6,  2008 

Brief Report of the "Inventor Festival"

The China Association of Inventors, Suzhou Local Government and IFIA organized the "Inventor Festival" (16-20 October, 2008 - Suzhou, China. This event was the main celebration of 40th birthday of the IFIA. The parts of the "Inventor Festival" were:
  • 6th International Exhibition of Invention - China, Suzhou

This exhibition was the greatest innovation show of the history. Chinese participants presented 2500 inventions and other IFIA members from 40 countries exhibited near 700 inventions by more than 300 delegates. > > > IFIA members' presented inventions > > > exhibitor list and booth directory   > > > IFIA Jury 

The IFIA organized 4 special shows connected to this exhibition: "IFIA Story", "Inventions of Cartoonists", "Inventors and Inventions on Stamps" and "Computer Implemented Inventions"

  • Final of the World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions - Sponsored by Microsoft 

There was the part of the 6th International Exhibition of Invention - China this final > > > more information. The participants had been shown 43 items. The world championship is professor Wang Yongmin (China). His invention is: Mouth with Microcomputer - "Chinakey"

  • IFIA Jubilee General Assembly > > > agenda


  • IFIA Conference "The Future"> > > program




The old Suzhou is "The Chinese Venice"

City of the parks


The Opening Ceremony The "main street"


The booth of CII sponsor The MAFE booth


The cartoons The stamps


General Assembly - Wouter Pijzel's remark The elected new ExCo


The Conference  - speaker: Guo Tie Chen The Chinese Chapter of the International Order of Merit of Inventors


The food supply was excellent and free of charge The night boat sightseeing




China Association of Inventions, International Federation of Inventors' Associations and Government of Suzhou City