6th International Exhibition Inventions new Techniques and Products - 16-19 October (Suzhou) and final of the World Cup of the Computer Implemented Inventions - sponsored by Microsoft


Last Update
October 12,  2008

Booth Directory

Venue of Exhibition: Suzhou International Expo Center, (Industrial Park Expo Plaza, Modern Avenue) 5E Hall. Here is the floor plan of 5E Hall. IFIA and its members' presentation will be realized on 15 sectors.

The coding of booth section is by character “A” to “O” as follows:


A         9x18m for IFIA

B         9x18m for IFIA and Microsoft

C         6x18m for IFIA members' presentation

D         6x18m for IFIA members' presentation

E          3x18m for IFIA members' presentation

F          6x21m for IFIA members' presentation

G         3x21m for IFIA members' presentation

H         6x21m for IFIA members' presentation

I           3x21m for IFIA members' presentation

J          6x24m for IFIA members' presentation

K         3x24m for IFIA members' presentation

L          6x21m for IFIA members' presentation

M        6x15m for IFIA members' presentation

N         6x15m for IFIA members' presentation

O         6x21m for IFIA members' presentation

The booths are constructed "Syma" elements (1m wide and 2.5 m high walls) with frieze. The frieze labels are prepared (name and flag of the country) by organizers. There are electric connection in each booth, chairs for the exhibitors (depend on the number of delegates) and two showcase per every 3x3 meters.

Booth Database


Country Organization  Inventions

Booth number  (floor plans)

Size (m)
Australia South Pacific 6 F2 3x6
Bosnia Herzegovina SIBIH 30 C2 6x12
Bulgaria Jelev/CII 1 I2 3x3
Burkina Faso APIBF 1 D3 2x2
Croatia Udruga inovatora Hrvatske 30 D1 3x18, 3x6
Czech Republic AIE CR 3 E1 3x3
France Maria Seignez 3 E3 3x3
France FNAFI/TRANSTECH   7 E4 3x6
Germany York Schulz-Spahr 3 O4 3x3
Hungary MAFE 60 F1 6x18
Iran FIIIR 80 J1 6x24
Israel IAI 12 C3 3x6
Italy Assege S.r.l. 1 O5 3x3
Korea KIPA 12 N1, O1, O2 6x15, 3x6
Kuwait Kuwait Science Club  3 H2 3x6
Latvia LIA 5 C1 3x6
Malaysia MINDS 3 I1 3x6
Moldova AIM 17 O8 3x9
Moldova MAIR 25 O7 3x12
Nederland NOVU 5 K5 3x6
Niger ANPII 3 K3 3x3
Nigeria ANI 12 L3 3x8
Philippines Philippine Ass. of Inventors 8 K2 3x6
Poland SPWiR 40 H1 6x12, 3x3
Romania ARI 50 L1 6x13
Russia Ass. Russian House for 60 M1 6x15
Saudi Arabia MAWHIBA 3 D2 3x6
Serbia Belgrade Ass. of Inventors  15 G2 3x9
Slovenia ASI 20 G1 3x12
Sri Lanka Deepika Kahatapitiya/CII 1 D4 3x3
Sudan Mohamed SHELLAL/CII 1 D5 3x3
Sweden SUF 12 L2 3x8
Syria Syrian Inventors Association 1 D6 3x4
Thailand NRCT 30 I2 3x15
United Kingdom Janko and partners 3 O3 3x3
USA Yankee 3 K4 3x3
Vietnam VIFOTEC 15 E2 3x6
IFIA info, story IFIA   A2 2x25
Mictosoft/CII story Microsoft/IFIA   B2 B3 2x25
Stamp IFIA   B1 7x16
Cartoon IFIA   A1 7x16
Heinkel Heinkel   B4 2x6
Reserve     K1 3x6x