IFIA works in 2014

The main missions of the IFIA are the represent of the inventors world wide and to promote the commercialization of inventions which is the essential step of the innovation. The best way of the commercialization of new solutions is the presentation of inventions on international business forums. These forums are the international invention/innovation exhibitions. There are many events in the world wide. Because of the costs of the presentation are high the cost efficiency is an important criteria for the independent inventors, the universities and the SMEs. The IFIA ambition is to reduce the invention presentation costs. Therefore we introduced the "IFIA Official Events". This gives the basis of our working program.


What are the IFIA Events?

The IFIA events are invention/innovation fairs/exhibitions/conferences/seminars which are suited the IFIA requirements. Here are information about the criteria of the international invention/innovation fairs/exhibitions/conferences/seminars:


The IFIA ExCo introduces 3 categories of invention/innovation fairs/exhibitions (See info  http://www.invention-ifia.ch/office/exco1/exco4.htm):

  • Category 1 � IFIA official event. - These events will be fully supported and promoted by the IFIA The IFIA is co organizes the international participation and provides prizes awarding by its leader. Conditions: free booth and other advantages for IFIA members' collective participation. 

  • Category 2 �Proposed fair, with IFIA recommendation, conditions: perfect services and no free booth for IFIA members. The IFIA provides  prizes awarding by its leader.

  • Category 3 � Other fair without IFIA recommendation. There is no official IFIA participation.

Send please your comments and proposals concerning to our working program  to the IFIA Office by  e-mail for the better co-ordination.

The IFIA Events in year 2014

Last Update
September 1,  2014 

The first semester (February - June)



2-6 April, International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland - Category 3 -  Web: http://www.inventions-geneva.ch (special fees for the IFIA exhibitors - Contact: Mrs. Anne Loertscher


22-24 April,  International Exhibition of Best Inventions in the First Decade of XXI Century, Shiraz, Iran, Azad University - Category 1  - (free 8 sqm booth for presenting 3-5 inventions by prototypes; free accommodation and local transport to team leaders) and connected event: ExCo meeting and  4th World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions (see more), Contact: Mr. Alireza Rastegar


9- 11 May, AGRO ARCA 2014 � 7th INTERNATIONAL FAIR ON INNOVATION IN AGRICULTURE, FOOD INDUSTRY AND  AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY in Biogradu na moru - Category 1  - Web: http://www.biogradnamoru.hr/o-biogradu/o-biogradu-na-moru  (6 m2 booth free of charge and accommodation 4 nights single room only  (08.05. till 12.05 2014) for team leaders or one representative free of charge too) Contact: Mr. Igor Dujmovic


13 June, 7th Celebration of International Inventors' Day together the 6th Celebration of Hungarian Inventors' Day - Budapest and by virtual way on the www.invention-ifia.ch

The second semester (July-December)


25-27 September, "New Time" 10th International Invention Salon, Sevastopol, Ukraine  - Category 1 -  (free booth for IFIA members, contact: Dr. Yurij Skomorovski)  Cancelled as an official IFIA event!


9-11 October,  INNOVAWORLD - International Innovation and Business Fair and Espirito Santo Science and Technology Week, Vitória City, Brazil  - Category 1 (collective booth for IFIA, application: ifia@inventor.hu)

14-16 October, IWIS Warsaw and the 3rd World Competition of Chemical Inventions  > > > Info  - Category 1   (free booth for IFIA members, contact: Mrs Agnieszka Mikołajska)

30 October - 2 November, IENA, Nuremberg  (special fees for the IFIA exhibitors - Contact: Mr. Henning Könicke)  - Category 1 and connected event the 4th World Competition of ECO inventions > > > info here and ExCo meeting


19-22 November, 8th International Exhibition of Invention Kunshan, China (info here) - Category 1 - IFIA Main Event -   connected to the IFIA General Assembly

NEW! 28 November - 1 December, Seoul International Invention Fair - SIIF 2014 http://www.siif.org/eng/ - Category 1 - Closing of IFIA work 2014