IFIA General Assembly 2014

connecting to the 8th International Exhibition of Inventions


Kunshan, China (19-22 November 2014)

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 November  14,  2014 

Preparation site

The IFIA President had convened the IFIA General Assembly 2014 on the evidence of IFIA Statutes - Article 6 according to follows:



20 November, 13:00 hours



Huaqiao International Expo Center 1588 Ludi Road, Huaqiao Economic Development Area, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China



China Association of Inventions (http://www.cainet.org.cn/English/index.asp);

The IFIA GA will connect the 8th International Exhibition of Inventions Kunshan (19-22 November) see bellow.

The GA delegates if they will present inventions too; they will receive free accommodations, (5 night, Kunshan Ramada Hotel) local transportations and 3x3 size booth thanks to the China Association of Inventions.

ExCo meetings about the preparation of GA 2014:  http://www.invention-ifia.ch/office/exco1/exco14.htm  and http://www.invention-ifia.ch/office/exco1/exco15.htm

Preparation more  > > >  Circular No 13

 Proposed agenda:

  1. Calling of the delegates

  2. Adopt the agenda

  3. Amendment of the Statutes

  4. Report of Andras Vedres President (2006-2014)

  5. Election of President

  6. Election of leaders

  7. Next GA

Document concerning to the point 3.) Amendment of the Statutes

Proposal for Amendment of the Statutes of the IFIA to General Assembly 2014 (Approved by the ExCo) > > > http://www.invention-ifia.ch/Amendment/Proposal_2.htm


Circular discussion of Amendment of the IFIA Statutes  > > > here

Proposal concerning to the point 5.) Election of President

Candidate of new President (Approved by the ExCo): Mr. Zhang Qin dr. (China) > > > http://www.invention-ifia.ch/GA2014/Next_president.pdf

Proposal concerning to the point 6.) Election of leaders

Proposed list of ExCo members (2014 - 2016)

1.Brazil - Mr. Marcelo Vivaqa,
2.China - Mr. Zengpei Xuan,
3.Croatia - Mr. Zoran Barisic
4.India - Mr. Aynampudi Subbarao,
5.Korea - Mr. Shin Kyoung-ho,
6.Nigeria - Mr. Joel Shaka Momodu,
7.Poland - Mr. Michal Szota, 
8.Romania - Mr. Octavian Plesa
9.Russia - Mr. Vladimir Petriasov,
10.Sweden - Mr. Cenneth Lindkvist
11.Slovenia -  Ms. Ana Hafner
12.Yemen - Mr. Khaled Nashwan,
13.Iran - Mr. Hossein Vaezi
14.Iceland - Ms. Elinora Inga Siguardottir
15.Danmark - Ms. Vivi Aekjaer


Information about the connected exhibition


Name of the event:

The 8th International Exhibition of InventionsNew Inventions, New Technologies and New Products, Kunshan

Short name:

IEIK 2014


"Gathering in Beautiful Kunshan and Flying Invention Dreams�

Dates: November 19 - 22, 2014

Venue: Hall B, Hall C, Huaqiao International Expo Center, http://www.huaqiaoexpo.com/en/   http://english.hqcbd.com/2009-04/17/content_7688769.htm

Address: No. 1588 Ludi Road, Huaqiao Economic Development Area, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China. 


China Association of Inventions CAI

International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA


Jiangsu Association of Inventions

Kunshan Bureau of Science and Technology

Kunshan Intellectual Property Office


China Worker Technology Association


Ministry of Science and Technology

The State Intellectual Property Office

All-China Trade Union

China Association of Science and Technology

Central Committee of the Communist Young League in English version

Jiangsu Bureau of Science and Technology

Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office

 Special Supporter

China Science & Merchants Capital Investment Group Co., Ltd.

2.) Intruduction

Since 1988, China Association of Inventions started to hold The International Exhibition of Inventions  in China once every 4 years with accumulated more than 10,000 Chinese and foreign inventions exhibited. It is the largest platform for the international exchange activities of the invention circle in China, a channel to make friends extensively and to broaden the cooperation, a site to exchange invention information and a gateway for the innovative products to the huge Chinese market.  It was also highly appreciated and supported by WIPO and IFIA as well as Chinese central and local governments and enterprises for its events over the years.

Thanks to the vigorous support from the Kunshan City Government and the Chinese innovative enterprises, the year of 2012 has seen the 7th International Exhibition of Inventions in Kunshan (the 7th IEIK 2012) held successfully with over 3,000 inventions displayed and the participation from more than 30 countries and regions.  After the 7th IEIK 2012, it was decided that this event would be held once every 2 years and fixed in the permanent location in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China so as to build a well-known exhibition of inventions in the world and make it a famous brand in this field. in English version

Now, the 8th International Exhibition of Inventions, Kunshan (IEIK 2014) New Inventions, New Techniques and New Products will be staged in Kunshan on November 19 - 22, 2014 under the support of different governmental departments of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the China State Intellectual Property Office and the Provincial Government of Jiangsu, etc. The topic of this exhibition is Gathering in Beautiful Kunshan and Flying Invention Dreams. IEIK 2014 will widely invite the participation of associations of inventors, inventive organizations, maker spaces, the inventors, innovative enterprisers, funds and financial institutes from countries and regions all over the world.

IEIK 2014 will present the world latest invention achievements and services, build up an expert exhibition covering various science and areas and actively contribute to the reasonable patent transfer and practice as well as the innovation of the enterprises and the entire people.

A series of activities will be arranged during the exhibition for

1./ Exhibition and award appraisal,

2./ The special exhibition area for Kunshan Maker Fair to display the most fashionable, practical and interesting intellectual hardwares and IT products for personal health monitoring, intellectual home, home 3D printing and personal CNC, etc.

3./ The International Makers Round-Table Forum

4. The China Invention Forum (for domestic only),

5./ The match-making for inventors, enterprises and investors

6./ Briefings on new-products.

7./ IFIA General Assembly

3.) Participation


IFIA members with collective presentations, inventors, makers, students, researchers, enterprisers, patent offices, IP information providers, venture investors, maker service providers (maker spaces, open source hardware providers, hardware accelerators and crowd funding websites) technology transfer organizations, and IP-related institutions.

Participation Schedule

  • Application deadline:  31 August 2014.

  • Cancellation of an application should be done before 19 October 2014.

  • Installation period: 9:00 a.m.  20:00 p.m. on 18 November 2014

  • Exhibition period: 9:00 a.m. - 16:30 p.m. on 19-22 November 2014

  • Dismantling period: 16:00 p.m.  19:00 p.m. on 22 November 2014

Application in English version

Please fill up correctly and return the attached forms to the Organizing Committee by emailcaikunshan2012@163.comor DHL before the deadline.

Form 1 - Registration Form for Inventions  > > >  Here in English version

Form 2 - Application Form for Exhibition > > >  Here  in English version

Form 3 - Name List of Exibitors > > > Here in English version

Download forms in Chinese/Englis version from CAI's website: www.cainet.org.cn

Application deadline: 31 August, 2014.

Rules and regulations for exhibitors

-  Each entry form should contain information on one invention only. Inventions can be new products or invention patents, utility models, or industrial designs, etc.

-  Exhibits deemed hazardous or that would cause public inconvenience are strictly prohibited by the organizer.

-  Selling products in the invention pavilion will not be allowed. Exhibitors who wish to sell their products must indicate this on their entry form prior to participation. Selling will only be authorized within a special section of the exhibition.

-  Exhibits may be presented in the form of ready-made articles, prototypes, samples, photos, or texts. Exhibits can be mailed to the organizer prior in English version to participation. Those in value over 1000 US Dollars should provide detailed information for use of custom declaration.

-  At least one person is required to man the booth at all times during exhibition hours. Exhibitors who wish to withdraw their inventions before the closure date will forfeit any award presented to them.

-  The organizer reserves the right to change the size and layout of exhibition space as necessary.

-  The organizer will take every precaution to safeguard the exhibitor's properties via a regular security service. Nonetheless, the organizer will not be liable for damage or loss to the exhibitor's properties through theft, fire or accident.

-  The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and protection of the exhibits.


IEIK 2014 will organize a professional international judge committee to make the assessment on the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Special Awards. Some bonus would be given to the extraordinary inventions. WIPO and IFIA will also give medals to encourage and appreciate the distinguished inventions.

4.) Exhibition Costs and Discounts, accomodation

1.      Standard Booth (L 3m x W 3m x H 2.4m): 1000 US Dollars/booth, including 1 desk, 2 chair, carpeting, 1 facia board, lighting, 1 socket for electricity (220V, single phase, 60Hz, 1KW). 30% discount will be given to exhibitors who rent 2 booths and up.

2.     Indoor Floor: US$85/sqm (Minimum 36 sqm).

3.     For IFIA membersOne Standard Booth free and 40% discount for other booths.

4.     Free booths for the special area - Kunshan Maker Fair which will be covered by sponsors. Sponsoring exhibitors will have priority in choosing booth location at Kunshan Maker Fair.

5.     Free entries in the IEIK 2014 official catalogue with Chinese and English names of each registered invention, free transfer form airport to and from the hotel and free regular bus service between the hotel and exhibition. Free airport pickup service will be provided at both Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport in Shanghai. It is most desirable if exhibitors could arrive in Hongqiao Airport.

6.     We would offer one person free accommodations for the delegation leader of each country with meals and transportation in Kunshan for 5 daysNov. 18-222014.

7.     Accommodations :

1)    Hotel: Ramada Hotel Kunshan  http://www.ramadaksjs.com/introduce_en-us.php   Address: No. 868, Zhenchuan Donglu, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China215300

Single room  bed & breakfast  :  US$ 65/night, Double room  bed & breakfast US$ 75/night

2)    Meals

Buffet at the hotel : US$ 18/meal/person (lunch or dinner)

Lunch- box at the exhibition: US$ 6/person

Your earlier orders for accommodations would be appreciated.

5.) Kunshan City

With the birthplace's sagacity of Kunqu opera which is ancestor of diverse operas, the elegance of Zhou Zhuang Village which is the first water township in China, the Western-style buildings which won UN-Habitat of Honor Award, and the courage of Kunshan's Road to develop in advance, Kunshan City has created 3 state-level development zones and an unique provincial-level development zone oriented in modern service industries, where have attracted over 7000 foreign investment projects including 83 projects of the 48 top 500-global companies such as Morgan Stanley and GE from 56 countries and regions. The registered foreign investment reaches to 30 billion US Dollars, of which 22 billion US dollars have been actually utilized. It is the first important place in mainland China where the whole IT-industrious chains of raw material, control panel & complete appliance have been established, and is the most rapid-developing area with the best platform for emerging industries such as siRNA, recyclable energy and robot. In 2012, the area total output value was 270 billion yuan (RMB).The gross value of industry output reached to 852.05 billion yuan (RMB)) and the value for import & export totaled 86.57 billion US Dollars. The comprehensive strength has been the first for many years among the cities of its kind in China, and ranked for continuous 2 years the first place as the Best County-level Cities in China on Forbes List.


Exhibitors are advised to arrive in Shanghai instead of other cities in China, as Kunshan is nearest to Shanghai. Moreover, Shanghai has two airports, both for international landings and departures. The airports are called Pudong International Airport, and Hongqiao International Airport. It is most desirable if you could arrive at Hongqiao, but it does not matter if you arrive in Pudong. The organizers will have greeting staff at both airports to provide free transfer to the hotel.

6.) Contact

Mr. Ge Songxue, Ms. Gong Xiaoning, and Ms. Yang Junmiao  - Tel. and Fax: 0086-10-58515122  -  E-mail: caikunshan@163.com

       Video show for your reference: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzA5MjgzNjE2.html