The 8th International Exhibition of Inventions Kunshan- IEIK 2014

Venue地点: Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center  NewDates: 19-22 November 2014

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Name of Exhibitor  

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Nature of Organization    


□Association □Individual Inventor □IFIA Member IFIA  □Youth Inventor / School  □Maker  □Maker Service Provider  □Enterprise □Patent Office  □IP Institute  □OthersPlease specify

Number of Inventions:               Number of participants

We apply for the following services ( Please tick the appropriate box):

1.  Show Space: US$1000/ Standard Booth (3mx3m).

Indoor floor US$85 /sqm,minimum 36 sqm.

□Standard Booth9 sqm3mx3m/Booth. ______ booths needed.

30% discount will be given to exhibitors who rent 2 booths and up.

Indoor Floor      sqmArea: L:______ m, W:______ m

□Maker Fair: Free Standard Booth3mx3m/Booth. ______ booths needed.

IFIA members: 1 free Standard Booth and 40% discount for other booths.

□Other requirements________________________________________________________.

2. Advertisement in Official Catalogue Full page:  □Yes   □No

□Front Cover US$ 800 . □Inside Front US$ 500.□Inside Back US$ 400.    □Back Cover US$ 650.□Inside Pages US$ 300 ________ page(s)needed.              Payment due for advertisementUS$               

3. Poster Making:  □Yes   □No

□ Poster 90cm x 120cm: US$50/piece.  ______ Piecesneeded.

□ Chinese Translation neededUS$70-US$110 /20-1000 Chinese characters

Payment due for poster makingUS$___________To be paid at the exhibition.

4.  Extra Articles Needed:  □Yes   □No

  Tables  □Chairs  □Water □Electricity  □Others:______________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

5. Exhibits Transportation and Declaration needed: □Yes   □No

We agree to pay the costs to the Beneficiary against the payment notification by the Organizer in order to ensure the relevant space and services.

BeneficiaryChina Association of Inventions

Name of BankIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Branch, Beitaipingzhuang Sub-branch .  Account No.0200010009014418562



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Please fill up and return this form to before 31 August, 2014.