8th International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies "New Time"

 Sevastopol, Ukraine (27-29 September 2012)

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December 14,  2012 

Organizer: AYUMEL


Presented inventions: 500 items from 33 countries

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Opening address by Mr. Vedres

Awarding of the organizers

New knights of IOMI

Awarded participants



Opening address by András Vedres IFIA President:

Dear participants and visitors,

The one part of the inventor family is here, the rest inventors there are at home. Yes, the active inventors are here on the beautiful part of Ukraine which is the Krim. First of all I say a great thanks to the organizers and our supporters for the best conditions to exhibit our inventions.

 It is a well known cliché that the inventors are the most important condition of innovation. And we know well too that there is no prosperity without innovation. So we may declare that the presented 5 hundred inventions here on this Salon, are valuable proof of our creative force.

Let I ask now, what is the importance of an invention exhibition? To find users or investors? It may be but it is not truly. To receive appreciation? It may be but it is not truly.

The real importance of an invention show is: to provide information about the new technical solutions for the public. This is the first step of utilization.

Do not forget our dear friends, that we, the inventors are owners. We have extraordinary property which is no physical property that is intellectual one.

The invention is intellectual property. That has duplicate characters: property of somebody, the patent holder who may be inventor or a company and other hand the second character is common property, which is the information about invention.

Therefore you dear exhibitors give please exact, clear and useful picture about your inventions. The society will be richest by your presentations. This is an important step on the way toward the prosperity.
I wish a lot of success to you to utilize your new inventions.


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