7th International Exhibition of Inventions New Techniques and Products

 Kunshan, China (9-12 November 2012)

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December 14,  2012 

Organizer:  China Association of Invention


A 4-day exhibition the 7th China International Exhibition of Inventions came to a successful close in the afternoon on November 12, 2012. Attending the Closing and Awarding Ceremony were Mrs. Zhu

Lilan, President of CAI, Mr. Andras Vedres, President of IFIA, Mr. Xing Shengcai, the Executive Vice President of CAI, Mr. Lu Dahan, Vice President and Secretary General of CAI and leaders from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the governments of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Municipality and Kunshan City, bureaus of science and technology and intellectual properties as well as more than 600 attendees of winners for Special Awards and exhibition delegations from various countries.

Participating in this exhibition are nearly 3000 inventions from about 30 countries ranging from industry, agriculture, energy saving, alternative energyenvironmental protection to modern services and new teaching instruments, etc. The key points of the inventions are made for the new technologies and new products of saving energy and reducing emission, services for the people’s livelihood and “Three Agro”( farmers, rural area and agriculture). There are tens of thousands of visitors during the 4-day exhibition.

The Award of Exhibition of Inventions is approved by the National Awards Office. The jury was comprised of experts from various fields, following the principles of fairness and openness and insisting on free-service. It is recognized by the society and the invention circles and has gained its reputation and popularity. This exhibition gave a total of 503 gold prizes, 585 silver and 689 bronze.

From those gold prizes, 119 inventions were chosen for the Special Awards founded by institutes and enterprises including WIPO, IFIA, Macao Foundation, Baoshan Steel and Works (Baoshan) and China Science and Merchants Capital Management Group Co., Ltd. (China Science & Merchants). Among these awards, China Science and Merchants and Baoshan have also set up bonus for 104 Special Awards with total amount of RMB270,000after taxfrom which 10 foreign inventions have gained the China Science & Merchants Awards with RMB4,000/each ( about US$650/each).

Exhibitors highly appraised the organization of the 7th IEIK 2012 exhibition. Many delegations have received good results. Some have found cooperative partners for their inventions and some have reached intentions for co-operations. Most of them have established close contacts with the related Chinese companies and institutes. Many delegations have expressed their willing to participate with more inventors and inventions in the next China International Exhibition of Inventions. Some foreign delegations, after back home, sent letters asking for further co-operations, closer contacts and working relationship.

During the 7th IEIK2012 exhibition the IFIA General Assembly was held with 30 IFIA members attending the meeting. There were also Forum of Innovation for Youth; the Matching Meeting for investment and co-operations with the excellent inventions, etc. Agreements of Intention for Co-operations have been signed for 9 inventions. Some inventors have got investment intention of tens of millions Yuan from investors though the Matching Meeting. It is an unprecedented grand occasion which has reached its targets of promoting the exchanges among the international inventor circles, displaying the Chinese new inventions and innovations and pushing forward the industrialization of these achievements.                            





Opening address by Mr. Vedres

International Jury

Award Ceremony

Awarded youth Chinese creators and Mr. Vedres




Andras VEDRES, The IFIA President’s address to the 7th International Exhibition of Inventions


Dear Honorable Guests, dear Inventors,


I offer one’s heartiest best wishes to you in the name of the IFIA members which are inventors’ organizations from 88 countries. I wish to you that enjoy the 7th International Exhibition of Inventions which is greatest innovation forum of the world.


Let me cite the IFIA motto: “There is no prosperity without innovation, no innovation without inventions and there are no inventions without inventors”.

Now I clarify this by an example.


All of us are sitting a car which is the world economy.

The direction of our car must be toward the prosperity. At the steering wheel there are our politicians as the Barack Obama, Hu-Csintao, Angela Merkel, or Vlagyimir Putyin and others.

They drive some correctly and sometimes with mistakes.

The fuel is money. There is the fuel into a virtual petrol tank which is the bank system.

Therefore the banks wish to control the running of our car.


But what is the engine of this car representing the world economy?

The answer is simple, we, the inventors are the engine.

We, the inventors can only create mew and new solutions producing conditions for supply more food, more energy and better health for everybody namely producing force for the world economy.


Just there is a problem.

Our car is old type one; it is invented in the last Century.

Certainly the world economy is non up-to-date. So the world economy is non efficient. For that reason the good part of the inventors’ work is wasted.

According to my opinion this is the main reason of global economy crisis.

Consequently our task is to work out a new world economy system which will better utilize force of the inventors.

I know well that the China gives a good example of the economical growing. Who are standing behind of these successes? The answer is simple: you the Chinese inventors. You the Chinese inventors can give the conditions of your colossal technological progress.

The IFIA is very proud of you.


Finally, I strongly believe that work of the inventors will let the world fly to the general prosperity. So the inventors of the world unite and change the world!




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