Sixth International Inventor's Day Celebration

  26 September 2013, Sevastopol, Ukraine

on the occasion of the Ukraine's Inventor's Day

Last Update
September 23,  2013 

Venue: It connects the "New Time" international Invention Salon, 26-28 September 2013, Sevastopol  


The “International Inventor’s Day” event was established by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) to raise awareness of the role of inventors in our daily lives, and to celebrate the contribution made by inventors to the development of science, technology and societies across the globe. The “International Inventor’s Day (IID)” must be organized together with an selected national similar event. The the first issue of “International Inventor’s Day (IID)” was celebrated on 2nd of February 2008 in Bangkok together the Inventor's Day in Thailand.

The second issue of “International Inventor’s Day (IID)” was again celebrated on 2nd of February 2009 in Bangkok together the Inventor’s Day in Thailand. > > > report here

The IFIA ExCo was accepted that the third issue of International Inventor’s Day be together with Argentina's Inventor's Day. The celebration was organized one month later connected to the IFIA General Assembly in 2010, Nuremberg. > > > report here

The forth celebration was in Stockholm in 2011 and the last in 2012 it was organized together the Croatian Inventors Day in Zagreb connected to the ARCA.

At now the IFIA ExCo was accepted that the sixth issue of the International Inventor’s Day celebration be together with the Ukrainian Inventor’s Day connecting to the “New Time” event in Sevastopol.


Address: Perpetuum Mobile

by András Vedres, the IFIA President


Perpetual Mobile is a machine which works without any external source of energy (see the examples):


Perpetuum Mobile is illustrated in music by David Popper > > > here


There is a scientific consensus that perpetual motion is impossible, as it would be violate the first or second law of thermodynamics.

Nevertheless the people rack continuously one’s brains to invent new and new ideas.

We, the inventors all around the world created more then 2 millions new inventions in 2012. This number was 1 million in the end of the last century.




From the WIPO statistic



This is a great increase. What is the motive power? There is an answer in a peace of poetry titled „Consciousness” written by  Attila József, (1934):


Only unbeing can branch and feather, 
only becoming blooms at all;
what is must break, or fade, or wither.