World Competition of Green Inventions

  1-4 November 2012, Nuremberg, Germany

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December 13
,  2012 

Venue: International Trade Fair “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” – IENA, Nuremberg, Messezentrum Hal 12.

Introduction (see pdf. Russian, German)

There is no prosperity without innovation, no innovation without inventions and there are no inventions without inventors. The innovation is controlled by the profit. The profit raise ignores everything still the ecology too. Therefore some invention resulted in environmental harmful as leaded fuel or organo-fluorines etc. But the better part of the inventions protect the environment, these are green inventions.

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew..." (Marshall McLuhan); So come on Inventors, let's go save this world, before it's too late.

Green Inventions

As the name implies a green invention is one that has a "green" purpose. Green inventions are environmentally friendly inventions that often involve: pollution-determination, energy efficiency, recycling, safety and health concerns, renewable resources, and more. Inventors should know that green inventions and clean technologies are good business now. These are fast growing markets. Consumers should know that buying realized green inventions can reduce the energy bill and that goods based on green inventions are often safer and healthier products.

World Competition of Green Inventions

The World Competition of Green Inventions is introduction, evaluation forum and market palace of the environmentally friendly inventions organized by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations – IFIA and hosted by the International Trade Fair “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” – IENA, Nuremberg (1-4 November 2012).



The participant items should be green inventions which were presented on the IENA. 2012. The participant application were registered on the IFIA Information Booth (Nuremberg, Messezentrum Hal 12) on 1 November at 10:00 – 18:00 hours.

The registered green invention were marked on its booth by an IFIA green invention logo with registry number.

Competitors: 77 items (11% of all IENA) from 20 countries

Evaluation and prizes

IFIA ECO Jury had evaluated the registered green inventions on 2-3 November. The best green invention had win the “Green Invention Oscar” and other excellent green inventions were rewarded IFIA Glory Medals and IFIA Diplomas. The Green Inventions’ Competition Award Ceremony were organized on 4 November at 10:00 h, Nuremberg, Messezentrum Hal 12, IENA Stage.


The list of winners


 Certificate Appreciation 





Fu Taiping

Recovery of organic solvents


Matija Volner

Stall floor covering production and composting process


Jürgen Mahrwald

Method for exceeding hull speed of  displacement boats


Mohd Mustafa Albakri Abdoullah

Novel geopolimeric materials for various applications


Suhaimi Md. Yasir dr

Solar drier for seaweed drying


Ilona Legowik et al

Glass-crystalline ceramics materials from waste


Remi Radulescu and Raul Radulescu

The solar distiller with heat recover


Elena Davis and I. Stefanescu

Palladium based composite material for selective ads. of H

Saudi Arabia

Mustafa Ali Al-Hukwaider

Wave based power generation





Jürgen Mahrwald                -                 Mohd Mustafa Albakri Abdoullah          -                Suhaimi Md. Yasir dr




 Glory Medal






Walter Sailer

Continuous round silo passage drier for drying energy wood and REDOX


Xu Shilong

Fast processing method for soft faudation with hight vacuum seal (HVDM)


Lee Jae-bong and Park Kwang-kyu

Desalination system by electrolisis


Azura A. Rashid dr

Biodegradable natural rubber


Adnan Fahad Al-Ramzani Al-Naimi

Water production from humidity


Negreanu Bogdan et al

Eco fertilizer and process


Savu Alexandru et al

Circulating fluidized bed for combustion of solid fuels


Artem Klimchuk at al

Monitoring of greenhouse gases





Walter Sailer                   -            Azura A. Rashid dr






Adnan Fahad Al-Ramzani Al-Naimi                                                        Negreanu Bogdan




 Green Oscar





Saudi Arabia

Hadel Bin Moeen and Wijdan Bakkari

Recycling waste paper


Hadel Bin Moeen and Wijdan Bakkari